COP26 team member Alok Sharma

Alok Sharma
COP26 President


COP26 team member Nigel Topping

Nigel Topping
COP26 High Level Champion


COP26 team member Anne Marie Trevalyan

Anne-Marie Trevelyan
UK International Champion on Adaptation and Resilience for COP26


COP26 team member Mark Carney

Mark Carney
The Prime Minister’s Finance Adviser for COP26

COP26 Unit

Peter Hill

Peter Hill
Chief Executive Officer

COP26 Team member Wasim Mir

Wasim Mir
Chief Operating Officer

Caroline Holtum
Director, Communications

COP26 team member John Murton

John Murton
UK COP26 Envoy


COP26 team member Charles Ogilvie

Charles Ogilvie
Director, Strategy


COP26 team member Matt Toombs

Matt Toombs
Director, Partnerships & Engagement

COP26 team member Archie Young

Archie Young
Lead Negotiator 


COP26 Team Member, Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin
Director, Security & Resilience

Learn more about the responsibilities of the COP26 Unit Directors

COP26 team member Natasha Adkins

Natasha Adkins
Policy Adviser to the COP26 President

COP26 team member Amal-Lee Amin

Amal-Lee Amin
Senior Adviser,
Public Finance

Photograph of COP26 team member Nick Baker

Nick Baker
Deputy Director,
Business & Engagement

COP26 team member Camilla Born

Camilla Born
Deputy Director,

COP26 Team member Ben Caldecott

Ben Caldecott
Senior Adviser,
Private Finance  

COP26 team member Alison Campbell

Alison Campbell
Deputy Lead

COP26 team member Huw Davies

Huw Davies
Deputy Director,
Adaptation, Negotiations & Engagement

A photograph of COP26 team member Ashleigh Gray

Ashleigh Gray
Deputy Director,
Devolved Administrations 

A photograph of COP26 team member Philippa Harvey

Philippa Harvey
Deputy Director,
Security, Resilience & Programme Management

A photograph of COP26 team member Kate Horner

Kate Horner
Deputy Director, Campaigns, Partnerships & Brand

A photograph of COP26 team member Eleanor Mackewn

Eleanor Mackewn
Deputy Director,

COP26 team member Louise Marshall

Louise Marshall
Principal Private
Secretary to the COP26 President

A photograph of COP26 team member Olufemi Oguntunde

Olufemi Oguntunde
Deputy Director,

A photograph of COP26 team member Simon Sharpe

Simon Sharpe
Deputy Director, Energy, Transport & Nature

A photograph of COP26 team member Elinor Wakefield

Elinor Wakefield
Deputy COP Envoy

A photograph of COP26 team member Dharshan Wignarajah

Dharshan Wignarajah
Deputy Director,
Resilience & Finance Campaigns

A photograph of COP26 team member Helen Wright

Helen Wright
Deputy Director,

COP26 Ambassadors

COP26 team member Nick Bridge

Nick Bridge
Special Representative for Climate Change


COP26 team member Fiona Clouder

Fiona Clouder
Regional Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean


COP26 Team member David Moran

David Moran
Regional Ambassador for Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and Iran


COP26 team member Ken O'Flaherty

Ken O’Flaherty
Regional Ambassador for Asia Pacific and South Asia


COP26 team member Janet Rogan

Janet Rogan
Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and Africa


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