Translink’s Transformative Journey to Decarbonise Public Transport in Northern Ireland

Translink is leading the transport transformation in Northern Ireland, aiming to operate a net zero emissions fleet by 2040 and creating advanced services and networks to be your first choice for travel today, for tomorrow.

This event will give an account of Translink’s actions to revolutionise and decarbonise NI’s public transport system, transitioning to renewable energy technologies and accelerating net zero emissions across their bus and train fleet and wider business by 2040.

Showcasing a compelling innovative case study and panel discussion on the ground-breaking work to deliver the first hydrogen double decker fleet and the first hydrogen refuelling station on the island of Ireland alongside next steps with 100 new zero emission (electric / hydrogen) buses due to be in service next Spring.

Panellists will also share their views on how collaboration has ignited and fuelled ambitious energy solutions to create zero emission public transport coupled with how we need to change attitudes and behaviours towards greater utilization of greener public transport to reduce emissions and free up space in our cities and urban areas for people and active travel, creating cleaner air to breathe for a healthier place to live, work and visit.

Through partnership we can accelerate climate actions within the transport industry and make a bigger impact on our planet for generations to come.

Keynote Speaker: Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive, Translink


Talking about Our Generation: putting younger generations in charge of the switch to sustainable energy & transportation

Following a film premiere with Fully Charged and National Grid where young people document their hopes, dreams and fears for climate change, we invite you to join a riveting panel, with TV presenter Robert Llewellyn speaking to youngsters as we put them in charge of the switch to sustainable energy and transportation.

Hear their thoughts on:

  • Whether we are making progress fast enough
  • Where they want to see focused efforts when it comes to cleaning up transport
  • What they want those in charge now to do to protect their future.

This won’t be your ordinary panel talking to experts – we will be flipping things around so future generations have their say on what shape the world should take when it comes to energy supply and driving the future of transport.


People make transport: communities enabling greener travel

How can diverse voices, enthusiasm and creativity be harnessed to achieve low-carbon transport systems and behaviours in local communities? Join us for an interactive, inspirational session on getting the social side of sustainable transport right.

Transport emissions are rising faster globally than any other sector. While a shift to cleaner vehicles is important, it will take decades to take effect. To achieve meaningful change quickly, we must shift reliance away from private cars, making public and community transport, walking, cycling and shared mobility the ‘natural choice’. Research shows the social side of this change is vital: creating place-based solutions, integrating low-carbon modes, and encouraging and enabling sustainable transport behaviours.

The Sustainable Transport Alliance is the UK’s leading partnership of NGOs advocating for healthy, low carbon transport. This session will draw on our networks to showcase practical examples and insights on how local initiatives can engage and empower communities to achieve climate-safe, inclusive, healthy transport systems and behaviours.

Our panel of government, academic, industry and community experts will look at what broader policy and funding support is required to facilitate these initiatives; share expertise on building trust and making change last; and consider the wider impact on climate goals and additional benefits for health, wellbeing and sustainable development. These lessons are adaptable to any local context.

This event will include colourful examples that paint an inspiring picture of pathways to clean, green, equitable travel. Our panel of experts will engage in a lively debate, taking questions and comments from the audience to relate our experiences to other locations globally, sharing ideas, thinking and positivity around what we have to gain from cleaner transport.

Our thanks to Transport Scotland and Go-Ahead Group, a leading provider of passenger transport, for their support of this event.



Accelerating Electric Mobility with green jobs and gender parity

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) will present a 90 minutes curated programme in the Panel Discussion at COP26 on “Accelerating Electric Mobility with green jobs and gender parity” featuring:

  • Kolkata’s success story on E- vehicles in public transport
  • Green Solutions for the city- Case study of New Town Rajarhat, satellite of Kolkata
  • Implementation of low price green vehicles- Job creation through electric rickshaws and toto rickshaws
  • Gender parity in e mobility
  • More inclusion of EVs in public transport- focusing on infrastructure
  • Financing of e-vehicles (including low price vehicles)

The Session will showcase possible journey to net zero in transport sector with an inclusive approach and creating opportunities of livelihood.

Success stories of E-Mobility in public transport (of Kolkata, India) and newer initiatives in its satellite city New Town, Rajarhat would be shared with possible models of scalability.

Case Stories of businesses’, in E-Mobility ecosystem, would be shared on introducing innovations, disrupting value chains, building partnerships, imparting skills and creating newer sets of opportunities in entrepreneurships and employments.
Offerings would be made on financial models including micro financing to enable the supply chain in the ecosystem which in turn will lead to livelihood generation.

The objective is to create an interactive session with audio visual demonstrations of real stories of achievements and pledges in E-Mobility.

The forum will also feature businesses of tomorrow across sectors committing to net zero with investments in technologies and products, carving out new markets and disruptions in business models.
Audience at the forum would also be involved in the proceedings with brainstorming among interest groups and voicing their thoughts on the concerned subject.


Novel Electrification through Advanced Sustainable Technologies

Most people immediately think electric vehicles are green, but sadly that is not always true as they often use materials and designs that are less than sustainable. With over 128 million electric vehicles to be sold annually by 2041 this could create a huge problem, unless there is another way.

Over the past four years, Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) has been working with world-class academics, global vehicle manufacturers and leading industrial partners to deliver the most sustainable and highest performing solutions for electric vehicles, from passenger cars and trucks to tractors and aerospace.

AEM has manufactured a range of electric motors for these sectors that allow our customers to go faster and travel further, whilst remaining much greener than other technologies due to our elimination of environmentally damaging primary rare earth materials. We also remove copper, which means our motors are fully recyclable at end-of-life.

However, we haven’t stopped there.

AEM brings together partners from across the UK to collaborate on government-funded projects to develop this technology even further. From creating high-power, e-axle systems with Bentley Motors for their world-renowned luxury cars, to delivering breakthrough integrated solutions for the next-generation of electrified commercial vehicles with Tevva. AEM is even working alongside Hypromag to extract, recycle and reuse rare earth magnets that have already been disposed of to power our world record-holding aerospace technology.

In our session, AEM and our partners will introduce these exciting projects and the cutting-edge technologies they are creating that will lead the way for the electric vehicle market. We will hear from:

Peter Fleet, AEM, Chairman
Prof. James Widmer, AEM, CEO and Founder
David Thackray, Tevva, Sales and Marketing Director
Prof. Mark Johnson, University of Nottingham, Director of the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics
Prof. Allan Walton, Hypromag, Founding Director


Speeding up the transport revolution

Join key global voices in policy, industry and civil society in a lively session organised by global movement Count Us In.

Road transport contributes to 75% of the global emissions associated with transportation. It is a big driver of climate change and early deaths due to air pollution. Yet, many exciting clean, fossil-free, technologies are already available and economically feasible.

What’s missing? Ambitious policies, investment, incentives and high-level actions to drive the adoption of clean energy solutions, faster. This event aims to send a message to policy makers: Step on the accelerator to bid the combustion engine farewell!


Women leaders transforming street design

The way we travel around our towns and cities is changing. Reducing motor use and increasing walking, wheeling and cycling is key to reducing carbon emissions.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, is bringing together women from across the globe to showcase how changes to street infrastructure can change travel behaviours in a positive way for the environment, our health and local economies.

Too often women, children, older and disabled people are excluded from designing and planning our public spaces. If we want urban worlds that are liveable, healthier and better, then we need to include more diverse groups in their development. The panellists will discuss their approach to putting a more equitable society at the heart of their work.

Susan Claris (Vice President, Living Streets and Associate Director, Arup) will Chair the session. The panel will include:

  • Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Team Leader for Active Mobility, Digitalisation & Mode Integration, UN Environment Programme (live from Kenya)
  • Leslie Kern, Urbanist and author of Feminist City (live from Canada)
  • Cllr Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction, Glasgow (in person)
  • Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor, Barcelona (live from Spain).

A facilitated panel discussion about what lessons can be learned and how their positive examples can be adapted worldwide will follow the panellists’ presentations.