Tech For Our Planet: Digital Solutions for Climate Challenges

Technology has enormous potential to help us fight climate change. However, startups and innovators working to create digital solutions struggle to gain traction through partnership with government, secure investment and find the right ‘front doors’ for their technology to be most useful.

Tech For Our Planet is an exciting new challenge programme – run in partnership by PUBLIC and the Cabinet Office – identifying leading tech startups and entrepreneurs creating solutions to help us tackle climate change. The programme allows innovators to apply their cutting-edge digital and data solutions to five climate challenges, ranging from tracking and reducing energy consumption to encouraging more sustainable behaviours, and looks to catalyse partnerships and new ways of working to achieve Net Zero goals.

During this session, the selected startups will pitch their solutions, with the opportunity for the audience to gain insight into how each solution will tackle specific climate challenges. The winning startup will be announced at the Tech For Our Planet Gala Reception.

The selected startups are:

  • Challenge One, In Our Homes: Novoville & Olio 
  • Challenge Two, On Our Plate: Hummingbird Technologies & Agrisound 
  • Challenge Three, Thinking Smart: Brainbox AI & Measurable Energy 
  • Challenge Four, Engaging Communities: Commonplace & IRYS 
  • Challenge Five, Green Finance: Sweep & Earthblox