The Farewell Glacier by Nick Drake

Join us for a journey into the mysteries, wonders and climate emergencies of the high Arctic.

Scottish Composers, Emma Donald and Isbel Pendlebury, in collaboration with poet and playwright Nick Drake, have created a compelling, informing and emotionally powerful event of music and poetry for COP26. Award-winning Scottish actor, Peter Mullan will read the poems inspired by Nick’s voyage around the Svalbard archipelago. ‘The Farewell Glacier’ gathers together voices both human and non-human from across the Arctic’s past, present and future to tell a story of exploration, exploitation and imagination. From the first European explorers and whalers to ice-cores, mercury and even the Future herself, this is a story of the power and beauty of ice, the calamity of its loss, and a call to the imagination of every one of us to change the future for the better.

The Company

Peter Mullan – Reader

Nick Drake – Poet/Playwright

Emma Donald – Composer/Fiddle

Isbel Pendlebury – Composer/Clarsach

Serena Hill – Creative Associate

Edel Rae – Producer

The Farewell Glacier’ is performed by kind permission of the publishers Bloodaxe Books Ltd. Music copyright Emma Donald and Isbel Pendlebury We gratefully acknowledge the support and generosity of: The Pebble Trust The Highland Museum of Childhood The individual supporters who, for the sake of the climate, invested their trust and money in our story.