“Into the Amazon” (Musical production)

Founder and trustee of the charitable trust “Indigenous People’s Cultural Support Trust” and internationally acclaimed virtuoso cellist and composer, Emily Burridge will perform her solo cello composition “Into the Amazon”.

With her extraordinary ability to incorporate looping technology whilst performing, she recreates her multi tracked compositions and accompanies her field recordings of the natural environment and traditional singing of the Xavante tribe of the Mato Grosso, Brazil.

Through the vehicle of this concert she aims to inspire both young and old alike as she transmits to the audience an experience of a day from dawn to dusk in an Indian village in the Amazon. Hailed as a spell binding performance. (“Into the Amazon” is twenty- five minutes long)

“Sisters in the Forest” is a new work and single release originally composed in response to the current plight of uncontacted tribes in the Amazon forest, Brazil. This composition is accompanied by stunning visual projections of tribal “sisters” by photographer Sue Cunningham and co-creator of the award winning book “Spirit of the Amazon” by Sue and Patrick Cunningham.

Reviews: In 2019 a reviewer wrote ‘Emily Burridge lifts the subtle art of cello to new dimensions with her inspirational, moody, soulful and joyous musicianship. This is cello to lift the spirit, harmonise with the emotions and take you on a journey’

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