Catalysing our Net Zero Future: working with people to take action on climate change

While systemic government action is critical to our low carbon transition, people also want to know what they can do to take climate action. To effectively and fairly tackle climate change citizens must be engaged and have access to information that can support them to take action.

This session focuses on the potential for people as agents of change – in different roles and different ways – to contribute to a Net Zero and climate resilient future. Bringing together cutting edge data and expertise from academics and practitioners, the session will offer different examples of how to understand the barriers people face to taking action, and solutions on how to break them down.

The session will cover the spectrum of actions people can take, from low-carbon lifestyles; to changing social and cultural norms; providing social mandates for change; to pushing for systemic change through activism and advocacy.

As well as sharing our own research, we will use audience engagement to bring everyone into conversation about how we can catalyse our low carbon and climate resilient future.


Dr Katharine Steentjes, CAST

Dr Lewis Akenji, Hot or Cool institute

Dr Susie Wang, Climate Outreach

Dr Vanessa Timmer, OneEarth Canada

Chair: Dr. Stuart Capstick, CAST (Centre for Climate and Social Transformations)