African Women’s Grassroots Climate Action

This event represents a unique opportunity to engage directly with women on the “frontline” of the climate emergency in sub-Saharan Africa about their experience of the climate crisis and their leadership to help communities adapt. In 2019 CAMFED won a UN Global Climate Action Award at COP25 in recognition of African women’s remarkable climate action. For COP26 we are bringing together young African women, who are leading action for climate resilience and girls’ education in rural Africa, for an interactive roundtable.

Participants will share their personal insights of how the climate emergency is affecting their communities through unpredictable weather, reduced farming yields and hunger. They will explain how girls and women are particularly affected by climate change and the action they are taking as “Agriculture Guides” to help school children, “forgotten farmers” and community groups to build resilience. They will describe how their own education has been critical to enable their climate leadership, and how they are supporting the next generation of girls to go to school and succeed.

The event will be run as a hybrid live and virtual event and we will encourage wide engagement for questions and reflections. We anticipate this event will appeal to policymakers who wish to learn from women on the frontline of climate change. We also hope this will be an exciting opportunity for members of the public to participate in COP26, especially other women in rural Africa and young people worldwide.

Chair: Rt Hon Helen Grant, Prime Minister’s Special Envoy for Girls’ Education
Fiona Mavhinga, Executive Advisor, CAMFED Association
Forget Shareka, CAMFED Association member and Entrepreneur, Zimbabwe
Esnath Divasoni, Core Agriculture Trainer, CAMFED Zimbabwe
Harriet Cheelo, Climate-smart Agriculture Research Fellow, CAMFED Zambia
Catherine Boyce, Director of Enterprise Development, CAMFED International