Advertising A Good Life in 2030

What does A Good Life in 2030 look and feel like?

Join us for the premiere of A Good Life 2030, a documentary exploring the link between advertising, consumption and climate change together with new
adverts for 2030 created by top advertising agencies. Hear talks from the Co-Founders of Purpose Disruptors exploring the tensions people in advertising feel at this moment and the role they can play in creating new visions of the future. Ones that we can move towards together, today.

DOCUMENTARY: A Good Life 2030
The documentary will show how people in the advertising industry who are the architects of desire can create desire for something different, a new ‘Good Life’.

See how new research by the Insight Climate Collective reveals how UK citizens have a clear vision of A Good Life in 2030 – they dream of a life filled with
connection not just consumption. Understand the shifts people in the industry think are necessary in response to this, drawn from imagination workshops with over 100 industry leaders – some of whom are featured in the documentary. Finally, see behind the scenes as top advertising agencies sprint to create ‘ads for 2030’ in response to the citizens’ visions.

ADVERTS for 2030
Be the first to see the new ‘adverts’ for 2030 that create compelling visions of the future, made for COP26 and screened here for the first time.

TALKS from Purpose Disruptors
The films will be accompanied by talks from Lisa Merrick-Lawless and Jonathan Wise, co-founders of Purpose Disruptors and ex-industry leaders. They will
share how their work is helping facilitate the change at the heart of the advertising industry and how this change is being led from within by a community of over 1,700 change agents.