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Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) Joint Statement on Launch – 9 November 2021

We the undersigned, representing over 100 organisations across 35 economies, have gathered here at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change conference (COP26), in Glasgow, United Kingdom, to launch the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA).

A bold new coalition of global adaptation actors, the ARA will catalyse and scale investment in action-oriented research and innovation for adaptation that strengthens resilience in communities most vulnerable to climate change.

As the IPCC Working Group I Sixth Assessment Report has concluded, human activity has and will continue to cause unprecedented changes in the Earth’s climate system, leading to significant impacts on societies, economies and ecosystems. Responding effectively to these impacts requires adaptation that is enabled and supported by actionable knowledge – of both risks of climate change and of tangible responses.

However, the current scope and scale of action-oriented research is insufficient. It is hampered by under-investment, a disconnect between researchers and experiences from the most vulnerable, misaligned incentives, fragmentation, low capacity in developing countries, and limited learning from experience.

As members of the ARA, we endorse its theory of change intended to address these challenges. We commit to co-developing a robust and ambitious portfolio of activities that will lead to a paradigm shift where the needs of the most vulnerable take centre stage, and where research becomes a highly valued tool for all actors involved in climate adaptation including policymakers, funders, practitioners and vulnerable communities.

As a first step in supporting that process, we endorse the Adaptation Research for Impact Principles (PDF), which set out guidelines intended to stimulate the needed systemic change: demand-driven and transdisciplinary research, and evidence-based action that emphasises societal impact, builds capacity, and addresses structural inequalities faced by vulnerable groups.

We recognise and welcome the announcements made today of new investments in action-oriented research and innovation for adaptation and resilience. We encourage others to become co-funders or to develop aligned activities to facilitate the achievement of our collective aims.

The ARA calls for increased investment and capacity in the Global South, but our members and actions are not limited by geographical boundaries. International collaboration, sharing and learning from experiences worldwide are essential for informing effective adaptation at the scale and urgency required to keep pace with the rate of climate change.

Join our movement to help create the systemic change that is needed for this to happen. Together, we can enable solutions for adaptation and resilience that make a difference for those who need it the most. To become a member email:

ARA members

African Agricultural Technology FoundationAction Aid Myanmar
Adaptation Without Borders
African Climate and Development Initiative
African Research Impact Network
Agence Francais De Developpement
All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT
Alliance of Indian Wastepickers
Alternative Futures
Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research
Basque Centre for Climate Change
Cabot Institute for the Environment University of Bristol
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International
Christian Aid
Climate Action Network South Asia
Climate Wise Women
Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
Environmental Capacities and Sustainability Institute
Environmental Development Action in the Third World
Farm Africa
Global Innovation Fund
Global Resilience Partnership
Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group
Green Africa Youth
Ground Truth Solutions
GSM Association
Helvetas Swiss Incorporation
Human Sciences Research Council
Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations
Institute for Global Environment Strategies
International Institute for Environment and Development
Indian Institute for Human Settlements
Indian School of Business Bharti Institute of Public Policy
Institute Polytechnique Rural de Formation et de Recherche Applique
International Centre for Climate Change and Development
International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development
International Development Research Centre
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Platform on Adaptation Metrics
International Research Institute for Climate and Society (Columbia University)
ISET international
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Kenya Markets Trust
Kota Kita
Land Rights Organisation of South Africa
Mahila Housing Sewa Trust
Makerere University
Municipality of Caldas
National Science and Technology Centre for Disaster Reduction
Netherland Organisation for Scientific Research
Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development
Overseas Development Institute
Oxford Policy Management
Participatory Research in Asia International Academy
Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Royal University of Bhutan
Save the children
School of Oriental and African Studies
Science for Africa Foundation
Scotland’s Rural College
Slum Dwellers International
Stockholm Environment Institute
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Met Office
UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office
United Nations Development Programme
United Kingdom Alliance for Disaster Research
United Nations Environment World Programme Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC)
Universidad Colegio De Antioquia
Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Universitie Nationale De Agriculture
University of Cape Town Climate Systems Analysis Group
University of East Anglia – School of International Development
University of Exeter
University of Leeds
University of Liberia
University of Maryland
University of the Gambia
University of the West Indies
University of Washington Center for Health and the Global Environment
United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security
U.S. Department of Energy
World Health Organisation
Women’s Climate Centre International
World Resource Institute