At COP26, we will demonstrate the urgency and the opportunities of the journey towards a zero carbon economy and the power of international cooperation to address the gravest challenges the world faces.

We must agree a balanced negotiated package that delivers the Paris Agreement and moves the UN Climate Change process forward. 

To ensure success, we need all countries to commit to reaching net zero emissions as soon as possible, and to significant further cuts by 2030.

And we must step up and help societies and economies adapt to climate change – particularly the most vulnerable. 

We must finally turn the corner on polluting energy systems and seize the opportunity of rapidly falling costs of renewables and energy storage. 

We must accelerate the transition to zero carbon transport, phasing out petrol and diesel engines.

To make all this possible, we must accelerate the green transformation of the financial system so all countries can drive clean and resilient investment.

We must harness the innovation and commitment of all – citizens, investors, business, countries, cities and regions – to move the global economy to net zero.

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