COP26 was a historic, collective achievement.

The world saw almost 200 countries coming together in the UK to commit to take action on climate change and forge the Glasgow Climate Pact

This outcome meant we kept the goal of global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees alive. At the same time, we cemented progress on finance for climate action, adaptation and loss and damage.

Delivering on the Glasgow Climate Pact

It is now time to urgently deliver on the Glasgow Climate Pact. It is in all of our self interests to do so, together. 

Global cooperation is vital to tackling climate change and the risks of inaction and benefits of action extend far beyond the environment, our economies and global security will suffer if we do not enact our commitments. 

Science has repeatedly told us that the impacts of letting temperatures rise beyond 1.5C will be devastating. This is why COP26 was so crucial, the world acknowledged that the cost of inaction far outweighs the cost of action.

The UK Presidency worked with governments and organisations to make sure they deliver on the Glasgow Climate Pact, turning momentum into action. Read about the UK’s goals during our Presidency year.

Read the Glasgow Climate Pact

Find out more about what was achieved at COP26 by reading our Glasgow Climate Pact explainer (PDF):

Read the full Glasgow Climate Pact text on the UNFCCC website.