The UK is committed to delivering a sustainable COP26.

COP26 will be a carbon-neutral conference, with sustainability at its core, that will leave a positive legacy.  We will meet the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) sustainability requirements for the delivery of COP26. 

Through measures including certification to the International Standard for Sustainable Events (ISO20121) and a comprehensive Carbon Management Plan we will demonstrate leadership within the field of sustainable event management relating to environmental, social and economic performance through the lifecycle of COP26. 

Our approach will be guided by our COP26 Sustainability Governing Principles:

  1. Actively manage potential impacts on the environment and local community and identify opportunities to deliver environmental and social value 
  2. Provide an accessible and inclusive setting for all  
  3. Encourage healthy living   
  4. Ensure a safe and secure atmosphere  
  5. Encourage more sustainable behaviour  
  6. Promote the use of responsible sources and responsible use of resources throughout the supply chain  
  7. Leave a positive legacy

We will collaborate with our delivery partners, suppliers and interested parties to enable innovation and amplify our contribution, with the aim of delivering positive legacy impacts beyond COP26 for Glasgow and the United Kingdom.

With thanks to our principal partners
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