read our guidance on planning your journey to cop26

Access the COP26 Platform

The COP26 Platform is a tool to help you manage your time, connect with other participants and get the most out of this year’s COP. To get COP ready, register for the COP26 platform.


Visa nationals require a visa before travelling for visits to the UK.  It is really critical that COP26 attendees who need a visa take the necessary steps to apply for their UK visa as soon as possible to ensure their application is processed in time for their journey to the UK.

Visa applications are usually processed in 15 working days. Chargeable priority services are available at most Visa Application Centres.  Delegates are encouraged to make use of these services if their travel date is in less than 15 working days to ensure their application is processed in time. 

Please follow this short guide to immigration and visa requirements for those attending COP26.  Visas are free for those who have an official acknowledgement from the UNFCCC and apply via the COP26 visa form.   

There is no link between vaccines and visas – there is no requirement to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to apply for a UK Visa.

Once applicants have submitted their application, they must make an appointment to give their biometric details at the nearest visa application centre.  Participants who are either members of national negotiating delegations (“parties”) which are led by a Minister, or are employees of certain International Organisations do not need to submit biometric information.


We urge delegates to book their accommodation for their time at COP26 as soon as possible. A range of accommodation options are still available in Edinburgh which is 48 minutes away and served by regular trains.

Our corporate booking partner MCI has filled all their contracted accommodation, but delegates are still able to book directly with accommodation providers or through third party booking websites. 


Glasgow and the surrounding area are well served by public transport and the main COP venue is served by its own train station, Exhibition Centre Station. We are working closely with Glasgow City Council to ensure that delegates have a range of smooth running, affordable and sustainable ways to reach the COP venues. 

Find out how to make advance transport bookings.

Information on travelling from your accommodation to the COP26 venue is available here.

Travel And Border Exemptions

The COP26 travel regime is a special set of measures put in place in England and Scotland to protect public health while ensuring an inclusive summit. 

We encourage all COP participants to read our guidance on planning your journey to COP26 and to familiarise themselves with the measures that will apply to them. This supporting FAQs document will be updated regularly in response to frequent queries.

It was announced on 28 October that Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will be removed from the red list from 04:00am Monday 1 November. Please refer to the updated Managed Quarantine Guidance for more information if you have been impacted by these changes.

Guidance on how to complete your Passenger Locator Form is also available.

We hope that this level of clarity will enable those coming to Glasgow to make timely progress with their travel plans. 

In summary the rules are:

  • everyone must be able to show evidence of pre-arrival COVID-19 negative test result
  • everyone must complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF)
  • everyone must participate in the COP26 daily test programme
  • anyone who has been in a red-list country or territory in the 10 days immediately prior to arrival into England or Scotland (see current list) must undergo Managed Quarantine at port of entry. Delegates that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must quarantine for 5 days.  Unvaccinated delegates must quarantine for 10 days.  A bespoke booking process is in place for COP26 attendees, and you must be registered on the UNFCCC website to begin the process of booking. Further guidance is now available.
  • if you have not been in a red list country or territory you do not have to quarantine

To support these measures, uniquely for COP:

  • The UK Government will fund the required Managed Quarantine stays for all Registered COP Attendees (party delegates, observers and media) who would otherwise find it difficult to attend COP, including those from the Global South. The MQS guidance explains how to access funding.
  • The UK and Scottish Governments will recognise all COVID-19 vaccinations, and declaration through the UNFCCC registration process as evidence
  • The UK Government will provide a supporting named invitation letter confirming that you are travelling to attend COP26 to help facilitate your travel.

The guidance on planning your journey to COP26 is available in French, Spanish and Arabic.

Test, Trace and Isolate

Test, Trace and Isolate protocols will play a key role in reducing the risk of COVID-19 infections at COP26. 

We have a robust testing protocol in place for COP26 that mandates testing for all COP26 and World Leaders Summit registered attendees. All attendees are required to comply with the testing regime and you will need to self-administer a Lateral Flow Device test (LFD) everyday in your accommodation and register the result before attending the Blue Zone – this includes the day you arrive to collect your accreditation pass. Please refer to this webpage for essential guidance on Test, Trace and Isolate.

Other COVID-19 measures

We have been working closely with the UN, WHO,  public health officials across the UK and clinicians to put together a range of COVID-19 measures to protect the health of COP26 attendees and the local community.  

The full range of measures are outlined here.

COP26 COVID-19 Code of Conduct

All COP26 participants will be expected to adhere to the COP26 COVID-19 Code of Conduct.

The COP26 COVID-19 Code of Conduct is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

COP26 Vaccine Programme

As part of our commitment to making COP26 both inclusive and COVID-19 safe, the UK Government has been working to provide COVID-19 vaccines to COP delegates that would otherwise not be able to access them.

We have now contacted all those who expressed an interest in vaccination to either arrange appointments or set out next steps. There will not be a choice of which vaccine each delegate receives, it is determined by the logistics of this complex programme.

For those delegates receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, the first doses and second doses have now been completed. For participants receiving the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, vaccination is also progressing.

We have contacted those delegates in countries where we have identified a viable in-country option. Our embassies are supporting these participants with access, where required. The contact details for additional assistance have been provided to all of these individuals by UNFCCC.

COP26 Confirmation Letters

COP26 participants should register on the UNFCCC portal as soon as possible. As part of this they should update their vaccination status and confirm that they will comply with the COP26 COVID-19 Code of Conduct. Once completed, participants will receive a confirmation letter which may be requested by travel operators or UK Border Force.

The COP26 Code of Conduct provides that Ministerial Heads of Department plus two essential support staff who are all part of their national delegation do not need to undergo managed quarantine, provided that they are named on a confirmation letter issued by the UK Government. Ministers and their retinue of two will not be able to rely on the carve-out from Managed Quarantine Service if they do not have a copy of this letter and a copy of their UNFCCC registration letter with them for their journey into England and Scotland.

World Leaders’ Summit

We are also progressing logistical plans for the World Leaders’ Summit. 

World Leader Summit contact points should have received a detailed note on the current  logistical plans through the UK Diplomatic Network.

A process to provide confirmation letters for World Leader Summit delegations is currently underway.

Things to do in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council have created a Welcome Guide for visitors to Glasgow which includes things to see and do in the city and beyond. 

read our guidance on planning your journey to cop26

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