16 November 2020

Reference: Presidency’s Open Dialogue between representatives of Observers and Parties to the UN Climate Change Dialogues 2020 (Climate Dialogues) 

Dear Madam/Sir,

The UK Presidency of COP26 with the support of the Chilean Presidency of COP 25 warmly invites you to the Presidency’s Open Dialogue between representatives of Observers and Parties as recommended by FCCC/SBI/2018/9, para. 143. and FCCC/SBI/2017/7, para. 119(b)(i). 

In the spirit of discussion, we take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in this event. We request the honor of your attendance for this session and look forward to the knowledge, experience and ideas that you can bring to this meeting.

The main purpose of this session is to continue exchanging views and sharing information to maintain momentum in the UNFCCC process and to showcase how climate action is progressing under the special circumstances the world is currently facing. This will help facilitate dialogue, help enhance the engagement, and gather your views.

In this context, the dialogue will focus specifically on Facilitating ambition within a green recovery. Guiding questions will be provided in advance to help prepare for the dialogue. The event will be held virtually on the 3rd of December 2020, from 17:00-19:00 (CET) during the United Nations Climate Change Dialogues (Climate Dialogues).

Attached herewith you will find the proposed programme and background on this dialogue for your information.

We look forward to your valuable participation.

Mr. Alok Sharma
COP 26 Presidency 

Ms. Carolina Schmidt
COP 25 Presidency

1.  Date, time and venue

  • Date: 3 December 2020
  • Time: 17:00-19:00
  • Venue: Virtual

2.  Programme

5 min:
Welcome by the facilitator, Mr. Archie Young, UK Lead Climate Negotiator

15-20 min:
Welcoming remarks by Mr. Alok Sharma, COP 26 President (TBC); Ms. Carolina Schmidt, COP 25 President (TBC); Ms. Patricia Espinosa, UNFCCC Executive Secretary (TBC)

5 min:
Introduction of guiding questions by the facilitator

Facilitator: Mr. Archie Young (UK Lead Climate Negotiator) supported by Mr. Andrés Landerretche Moreno (COP25 Presidency Coordinator)

Purpose: This open dialogue aims to promote an exchange of ideas, experiences, and lessons learned between observers and Parties on the topic “Facilitating ambition within a green recovery”. The purpose is to gain knowledge on how constituencies, observer organizations, and civil society could help tackling the effects of climate change, particularly given the present situation. It is an opportunity to create synergies between participants when addressing problems caused by the climate.

Additionally, this session can serve as a source of inputs and as a reference to consultations and meetings held with parties and negotiating groups.

The conversation can also help strengthen the connections between the discussion generated in multilateral forums and the actual climate action carried out at the local level, a topic that has been mentioned in several panels and meetings. The constituencies can act as bridge between both levels, complementing the climate action. 

Guiding questions:

  • How are Parties and observers collaborating with each other in order to increase ambition within a green recovery?
  • In which concrete ways can the green recovery be used to boost NDC ambition?
  • How best can observers actively contribute and feed into the increase of the ambition within a green recovery?

20 min:
Scene setting remarks – Constituencies Remarks by constituencies on challenges and opportunities related in facilitating ambition and green recovery.

20 min:
Scene setting remarks – Parties Concrete experiences at the national level

45 min:
Facilitated roundtable discussion

5 min:
Closing remarks