Feature Film: ‘The Salt In Our Waters’, an epic tale from Bangladesh’s climate frontlines – Certificate 15

Made with support from Director Spike Lee, ‘The Salt in Our Waters’ portrays an epic clash‐of cultures in a remote seaside village of Bangladesh, with the elemental conflict of land and sea, man and nature, serving as an interactive backdrop. What shines through the centre is filmmaker Rezwan Shahriar Sumit’s fascination with the bravery and devotion of the local Hilsha fishers. They are a people plagued by climate disruption, but not defined by it. The filmmaker invites everyone to experience the rich social diversity and cultural subtleties of their world rarely seen on the big screen.

The film features stunning monsoon visuals shot by Chananun Chotrungroj, a Spirit Award nominated Thai cinematographer. The film was edited by Academy Member Kristan Sprague whose latest film JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH was nominated for six Oscars,
including Best Picture.

After the screening, please join Sumit and his team for a LIVE discussion about the latest tragedy unfolding in the fishing village.

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For more information, please visit: saltwatersfilm.com


Youth Are Leading: The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect is a film made by young people from the UK and South Africa on the ways – sometimes less obvious – in which climate change impacts are affecting them where they live, right now.

Emphasising the unique experiences of their age group, the documentary features interviews, vlogs and mini films created by the young people, who also narrate. Water-related impacts are a key theme: in the UK, children talk about their experiences of flooding, while in South Africa water shortages are a major issue. Cutting across all of the experiences is the deep concern the young people share about their futures, their families, the destruction of the natural environment and climate justice.

The film is a collaborative effort from a team including University of Leeds, Leeds City Council, the Yorkshire and Humber Youth Work Unit, Regional Youth Climate Assembly, the Place-based Climate Action Network, British Youth Council, and Youth@SAIIA (the South African Institute of International Affairs youth programme). It is produced by filmmaker Paul Cooke (Professor of World Cinemas at the University of Leeds) but fundamentally shaped by the young people involved.

The Ripple Effect is a product of a youth summit held in April 2021 for Connecting Voices for Climate Action, organised by the University of Leeds. The summit provided the impetus for continuing the cultural exchange and the young people have worked together through a series of online workshops, as well as independently, to produce the final documentary and accompanying social media campaign.

The showing will be followed by a presentation and Q&A with a group of the young filmmakers, who will share their own experiences of making the film and working internationally, and talk about what motivated them to get involved in the project and how they want to influence local, as well as global decision-makers.


Here We Are: Notes For Living on Planet Earth with Oliver Jeffers

Join artist and author Oliver Jeffers for a screening of the Apple Original film “Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth,” available
on Apple TV+.

After the film, Jeffers will lead families in an interactive discussion about Earth, in celebration of the place we call home.

Film Synopsis: On the eve of Earth Day, a precocious seven-year-old learns about the wonders of the planet from his parents- and a
mysterious exhibit at the aptly named Museum of Everything. Based on the best-selling children’s book by Oliver Jeffers.


World Leaders, Listen Up! Sky Kids Screening, plus Q&A with Steve Backshall: ‘COP26: In Your Hands’ and ‘Sharks Up Close’

Hear from kids around the globe in family-friendly Sky Kids screening of COP26: In Your Hands, and new Sky Kids series Sharks Up Close, with eco-alien OBKI and MC Grammar’s Wonder Raps, followed by a Q&A with Steve Backshall.



The Scottish Youth Film Foundation (SYFF), in partnership with ScottishPower, present the finalists of the 2021 film competition for young Scottish filmmakers on the theme of ‘Change’. Hosted by SYFF Patron and film director Jason Connery.


We cannot win on climate without winning on nature

Unilever will be hosting a film screening about action towards a nature positive, net zero world.

The event will explore a combination of solutions including the role of technology, use of data, engagement of people and partnerships.

This will be followed by a moderated panel discussion with 4-5 participants with a possible Q&A with the audience.


Hear from Steve Backshall and watch exclusive screening of ‘Shark with Steve Backshall’

Watch exclusive screening of new Sky Nature show Shark with Steve Backshall, a revelatory series that celebrates the wonder of sharks as a key part of keeping our oceans and planet healthy. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Steve Backshall.


Exclusive screening of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s LEGACY

10 years after the world-wide success of his film HOME, Yann Arthus-Bertrand makes LEGACY, about his own life and 40 years of commitment to the planet. A personal film where the photographer and film-maker delivers a sensitive and radical vision of our world, which he has seen deteriorating during his generation. Behind the beauty of his images, he unveils a planet suffering more than ever before, a disorientated mankind, helpless in the face of the blunt reality of the new climate regime.

Today, we can no longer ignore the ongoing ecological disaster. Our survival on earth is at stake and we must accept our share of responsibility. LEGACY offers us the reasons and courage of facing the truth, in order to finally engage on an ethical ecological path and generate mankind’s capacity to imagine its future on Earth while respecting its environment.


How sport can help kick carbon, with Sky Sports

See how climate change will have an impact on sport, and how the immense power of sport can help to combat the climate crisis, with Sky Sports News presenter Mike Wedderburn and guests. Plus, an exclusive first look of a brand new short-form documentary created by Sky Sports – Cricket’s Climate Crisis.


Fast Forward, a series of short films that explore five artists’ dreams for a regenerative world

Founded by contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, Little Sun is a nonprofit organization that works to deliver affordable clean energy solutions and inspire climate action. In this session, Little Sun will screen its latest culture project, Fast Forward, a series of short films that explore five artists’ dreams for a regenerative world.

Featuring voices from Ethiopia, Senegal, and the United States, the series turns an often data-driven and technically heavy conversation surrounding the climate crisis into an open, intimate dialogue, creating new motivation for change.

Following the screening, Fast Forward’s curator Alex McClure will host a conversation about the role of art in stewarding a just transition to a net-zero world.


How your wallet could save the world

Your money is so powerful. It could help tackle the climate crisis or fan the flames. It’s one of our biggest weapons in the fight against the climate crisis, and it’s time people unlocked that hidden superpower to build a better world.

Take pensions. Make My Money Matter’s research shows that having a green pension is 21x more effective at cutting your carbon than stopping flying, going vegetarian and switching energy provider COMBINED. Imagine if the $50 trillion in our pensions was helping tackle the crises our world is facing, rather than supporting business as usual?

So join Make My Money Matter, Count Us In and WWF-UK to hear from a range of exciting speakers who will give you real examples on how your savings, your bank and your pensions are impacting the world. And most importantly what you can do to ensure it’s having a positive impact.

Introduced by Richard Curtis, there will be a series of rapid-fire speeches followed by exciting short films to help you understand the power of your wallet. There will be a chance to quiz our speakers on everything you ever wanted to know about money but were too scared to asked. Then we’ll close with a screening of Our Planet: Too Big To Fail – a cinematic masterpiece inspired by the Netflix Our Planet series and created by WWF and Silverback Films – featuring the one and only Sir David Attenborough.

Many other events during COP26 will focus on the problems. Join us and learn how you can be part of the solution.


The Voiceless Revolution

Hosted by planetSHINE founder and CEO, Rachel McClelland and Scottish entrepreneur and Prickly Thistle founder, Clare Campbell, The Voiceless Revolution will be an entertaining, inspiring and inclusive mix of real talk,
film and action focused on the communities who, until now, haven’t had a voice amid the climate emergency.

We are bringing together a committee of real people; 21 st century heroes of all races, ages, genders and species, and with an emphasis on the working classes, to represent the planet and its diverse mix of people and other species. Young and old will be welcome to share their stories, their struggles, their hopes and dreams.

Our heroes – people from all walks of life – face a huge problem; a broken society and a devastated planet and they are the ones who will suffer the most. Not only that, but they have one thing in common – they have been powerless for too long. Overwhelmed by the scale of the climate emergency combined with sometimes living on the fringes of society, they haven’t had a voice…until now.

The Voiceless Revolution is a coming together of the disenfranchised, the marginalised and the unrepresented.

Whilst the greatest minds on the planet – governments, business leaders and entrepreneurs – have been trying in vain to solve the problem, there is still much to do and not much time in which to do it.

We now need to listen to the planet, to marginalised communities, to all species. We need to collaborate at every step of the way and we need to listen and learn from each other.

The Voiceless Revolution will ensure that everyone is listened to. The backbone of the world, of industry, of life is ready to take centre stage.

The grafters, the creators, the refugees, the cleaners, the sweepers, the homeless, the machinists, the miners, the care experienced, the child birthers, the taxi drivers, the lions, the worker bees, the companion dogs. We are bringing them all to the conversation and through a mix of discussion, film, the arts and a huge positive call to action, we aim to ensure that everybody, who is being impacted or will be impacted by the climate emergency, is included.

This is humanity, and other species, at their finest.

It’s time for drastic measures.

It’s time to listen to the voiceless.

Join us, be heard and be a part of a new revolution!


Voices from the Forest: A Film Showcase For People and Forests

The Environmental Investigation Agency, If Not Us Then Who and Rainforest Foundation UK, along with Kaoem Telapak and the Tenure Facility, present a showcase of short films highlighting the role local communities play in forest protection, and the urgent need to include them as partners to protect the threatened forests of the world.

The films will present challenges and solutions in trying to protect forests in Indonesia and the Congo Basin. Forest advocates and local community leaders will give presentations to accompany the films that will highlight recent challenges and ongoing efforts by communities protecting and managing their forests.

If Not Us Then Who will premiere a film produced by
Indigenous People in Indonesia with an Indigenous Leader presenting alongside it. EIA will present clips from their new film Indonesia: the Fight for the Remaining Forest alongside presentations by Indonesian forest advocates Mardi Minangsari and Abu Meridian. Rainforest Foundation UK will present films on community forestry and the steps communities are taking to protect forests in the Congo Basin and West Africa.


A Beautiful Planet

The Award-winning IMAX film, A Beautiful Planet is a breath-taking portrait of Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet — and the effects humanity has had on it over time — captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, produced by IMAX Entertainment and Toni Myers — the acclaimed Canadian filmmaker behind celebrated IMAX® documentaries Blue Planet, Hubble 3D, and Space Station 3D.

Presented by the Global Climate Uprising Festival, the film contains warnings regarding climate change and environmental degradation using IMAX footage of Earth from space and time-lapse photography. While showing the impact of Earth’s warming climate, the film also offers positive reasons to take better care of our planet to depict how Earth’s warming climate is causing global disasters and how we are finding solutions in research from deep space to lunar explorations on the bottom of the ocean floor.

IMAX veteran Jackson Myers, son of the film’s director, the late Toni Myers, will join us for a post screening discussion and Q&A. Captain Samantha Cristoforetti, European Space Agency Astronaut has been invited to address the audience. Captain Cristoforetti holds the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European and is the first Italian woman in space.


Retro/Future ‘I am not just water. But life itself. I have seen the ships come and go. And now? Who will harness my power for good?’

Over the course of six months, Tron Young Company, Letters to the Earth and ÚNA Festival have supported six young Glaswegians to exchange with young activists in Colombia exploring ideas around climate change and indigenous place-based wisdom. The research has fed directly into the creation of a new audio theatre piece, Retro/Future.

Looking to the future from the past, and looking at the past from the future. A cycle of life and of water. Clutha, the Goddess of the Clyde, takes us on a journey along the River Clyde to tell her story of what she has seen and where we are going. Exploring what we hope for, what we have inherited from our ancestors, and what we wanted our world to look like when our future was still ahead of us.

Tron Young Company will launch Retro/Future with a short documentary film followed by an opportunity to directly address the audience, and share experiences and learning from the cultural exchange.

Through ÚNA Festival, Indigenous Elders will bring to life Clutha, the Goddess of the river. They will invoke the goddess of the water, offer a ‘blessing’ of the waters from their traditions, which will give both the Young Company and the Glaswegian audience an experience unlike they would have encountered before.

Letters to the Earth with complement this audio-visual act by facilitating dialogue between everyone in the venue –Tron Young Company, Indigenous Elders and the audience too, encouraging them to deeply consider their hopes, dreams and fears for the future and to write and share their own Letters to the Earth.