Youth4planet earthbeat collaboration: Amplifying the voices of young people through film and the media

Youth4planet, in collaboration with Spring Films, TVE and InsightShare, will be curating an evening that highlights the voices of young people from all over the world, in their quest for a better and more hopeful future. The evening will be dedicated to showcasing films made by young people around the world, telling their own stories of both struggle and hope in the face of climate change.

These will include short films made through the Earthbeat Challenge, an international film challenge that invites young people to express their take on the theme, “restoring balance with nature”; films that have been gathered from a 2000 km bicycle tour a journey made by climate conscious young adults, across Europe and all the way to COP26; films authored by indigenous communities around the world who are on the frontline of the effects of climate change; and footage from a unique documentary project that has followed 11 children from around the world since 1992, the year of the first Rio Earth Summit, with the aim of tracking the promises of Rio in a rapidly changing world.

The evening promises to be engaging and interactive, with fishbowl call-ins from youth activists from around the world, with a clear call for action for the next years to come. This session will be asking of how to unlock the leadership skills in young people, make them aware of opportunities and get their voices heard in co-creating promising futures.