Walk in Beauty: Future Dreaming through Indigenous Knowledges and Western Science

The Groundswell Climate Collective and the Center for Emergent Diplomacy are co-facilitating an interactive workshop that speaks to the skills and knowledge needed to prepare for surviving in the near-term future in harmony with our Living Systems. Working together with workshop attendees, we introduce Indigenous Knowledges, Futurisms, and the “Adjacent Possible” solutions waiting to be discovered, offering resilience in the face of paralyzing complexity and rapidly expanding global warming.

This participatory workshop is designed as a collaborative dialogue with attendees. We will explore ideas, strategies, and practices, based on a combination of Indigenous knowledges and Western science, that can transform thinking about future worlds that are radically shifting and changing due to the climate crisis.

Lead presenters for this workshop are:

Merle Lefkoff, PhD (she/her)– Founding Director of the Center for Emergent Diplomacy, who will speak about a new project and “Playbook” that trains emerging grass-roots community leaders to facilitate local dialogues for preparing to live peacefully and sustainably together in an altered world.

Mary Roessel, MD (she/her)– Navajo Psychiatrist, American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees- will share the immense value, power, and resilience of Indigenous Knowledges and ways of being. Indigenous Peoples have expansive and diverse lived experiences that can offer support in addressing the climate crisis with hope and resilience.

Joe Neidhardt, MD (he/him) – Psychiatrist, Founder Groundswell Climate Collective – will speak to the importance of Indigenous voices and Traditional Ecological Knowledges in combatting the complexities of the climate crisis. His extensive experience working and speaking with Indigenous communities around the world illuminate that these knowledges must lead our way forward. Nicole Neidhardt, MFA (she/her)– Navajo Artist, Founder Groundswell Climate Collective – will share an Indigenous Futurist lens through art and activism to illustrate the critical need for Indigenous future thinking in subverting colonial power structures that have led to the climate crisis.