Wales and Uganda – collective communities action

For decades, people in Wales and the Mt Elgon region of Uganda have been exchanging ideas, sharing learning and working hand-in-hand to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing both the region and the world. Born from this friendship, Jenipher’s Coffi is a new brand of coffee that, by doing business differently, unites communities to take collective action against climate change.

Come to hear Jenipher share her story. As a leader of a cooperative of over 3,600 farmers, Jenipher’s faced with the challenge of securing their livelihoods and protecting their lives as they face climate change up close. Floods and mudslides arrive with ever more frequency, washing precious soil, crucial for growing quality coffee down the mountain. Alongside their pursuit of the highest quality coffee, the farmers are also on a mission to protect the soil and the environment.

Adopting agroforestry and organic principles over a decade ago, the farmers of the co-operative are an integral part of the Welsh Government’s 25 million tree planting scheme. Since its inception, the farmers have seen their coffee yield increase and the quality enhanced. By trading on Fairtrade terms and inspiring community-led action, supported by the Welsh Government, Jenipher’s Coffi is demonstrating that a holistic approach to growing commodities through small-scale farming can deliver climate justice.

Invited parties will participate in an open dialogue exploring how governments, business and communities can, through novel and innovative approaches work together to deliver on the climate agenda, and support the realisation of the UN sustainable development goals.

This interactive session will inspire, challenge and motivate action.