Voices Of The Land by Listening to the Land Pilgrimage for Nature & Friends

On September 4, 2021, a group of ordinary people set off on a 500 mile pilgrimage from London to Glasgow, on a mission to rediscover their roots and inspire multitudes to slow down, connect with nature and articulate their love for the living world. This pilgrimage has caused a ripple effect and inspired people to walk all around the world.

The event will feature a short documentary of this epic journey along the Spine of Albion in the UK and will showcase indigenous and re-indigenised people from around the world who are connecting to the earth and to one another to stand up for all we are about to lose; supported by letter readings and followed by soundbites from indigenous people and other groups who walked their land around the globe.

Speakers: representatives of indigenous and re-indigenised pilgrims from the UK and around the world, Listening to the Land – Pilgrimage for Nature co-founders Jolie Booth and Anna Lehmann, Kay Michael director of Letters to the Earth; Nick Lunch director of Insight Share and representatives of Still Moving and Wisdom Keepers