The Welfare of the Earth is our Welfare

Climate protection is the litmus test for sustainability in the 21st century and faith leaders in Africa and across the world. Faith leaders will not remain silent as people continue to suffer from the effects of climate change. Faith leaders and faith communities are pushing for higher ambition and commitments for touchable action to confront the threat posed. The faith communities are as much affected, and its followers suffer as much from the effects of rising temperatures, excessive droughts, changing weather patterns, conflicts arising from competition for resources such as grazing lands etc, cyclones and excessive flooding.

In communities and at the policy level, faith leaders are among those at the forefront to work on adaption and resilience but also calling for attention to the implementation of the Paris agreement in a way that runs deep – and now. For COP 26 and beyond AACC continues to mobilise faith leaders in Africa to push for high ambition and implementation now. In this vein, the AACC is hosting this event to which faith leaders will present their voices on the situation in Africa, including some of the step’s faith communities, have taken to tackle climate change from an adaption and resilience perspective. These stories/perspectives are expected to be shared from the five regions of Africa. The event will also highlight key asks from the AACC / Faith Communities in Africa.