The North West Presents: Talking about my Generation

The planet is facing an existential crisis. Cities across the world are wringing their hands in morbid concern. But rarely does the action match the rhetoric.

The North West of England is different.

It is a region with innovation and change in its DNA. From the industrial revolution of the 1800’s to the cultural revolution of the 1960’s, from Andre Geim to John Lennon, this is a place which drives change through action.

Our response to the Climate Crisis follows this same path.

A response which is about doing things not just talking about them. About knowing that there is no silver bullet, but that progress is more important than perfection.

But too often the path to progress is pitched as an inter-generational battle. The unchanging Old v The progressive Young.

This is far from the case.

Hosted by Paul Mason, broadcaster and journalist ‘Talking About Our Generation’ will bring North West Metro Mayors, Steve Rotheram and Andy Burnham together with the innovators who have driven change over the past generation and those who are set to take on that mantle in the crucial decades to come.

Open and honest, these conversations offer a chance for reflection and curiosity, to remember what has been achieved and what is still in the ‘too hard to do’ pile.
They will break down the idea that the crisis we face is born from a generational divide and show it as a shared human endeavour.

This is the moment when together we must lay the foundations of a new world.

For the young people of the North West this is not a nice to have, This is our Climate Future.

This is an Essential Revolution.