Red River Poetry: Listening to a Polluted River

A poetry performance of poems written for the AHRC-funded Red River: Listening to a Polluted project, plus films and sound-art works made for the project. Ideas explored include: what does it mean to restore a natural habitat? To what state do we restore it?

One of the key points of the focus of the Red River project is to explore the relationship between existing landscape aesthetics and biodiversity: paradoxically the ugly, damaged places along the banks of the Red River are the most bio-diverse. How do we protect these and enhance their complexity through engaging local communities in reevaluating the importance of these places through creative writing and other creative practices?

As a consequence of the global pandemic and its relationship to the climate crisis it has become more important than ever to recognise the importance of the restorative powers of nature on our doorstep. It will appeal to anyone interested in poetry and the way in which language can reframe and reevaluate our relationship to nature as being part of it and not apart from it.