An Inter-generational Conversation Among Women and Youth in the Climate Change & Agriculture Arena

The event will bring together climate, agriculture gender experts and youth representatives both at the policy and grassroots levels.
The session will be an interactive discussion featuring female agricultural experts who are training to become UNFCCC negotiators and youth activists and contributors that, through their shared examples, aim at preserving the planet while increasing their resilience towards climate change.
It will be introduced by a high-profile expert and a moderator will then ask a rapid-fire series of questions to the female agricultural experts/scientists in agriculture about their realities as women advocates for the climate, the good practices they have experienced in their areas of expertise, hopes for the future and challenges they face. It is also foreseen to include an interview with women representing different generations who will share their experiences as female experts from LDC’s and youth explaining what obstacles women in their countries face and recommendations for young women.
The audience will be engaged through a virtual icebreaker using menti-meter polls and leaving time to ask questions to panel members, with final discussion on main challenges to access climate services and last-mile application in the agriculture sector.