No more greenwash! The One Planet Standard – a new way for organisations to tackle the nature and climate emergencies

Companies and organisations know that they have to do something but many don’t know where to start.

The One Planet Centre will be outlining the newly launched One Planet Standard. Conceived in Wales, but applicable throughout the UK and beyond, the Standard supports the ‘Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 by helping organisations – large and small, public and private – to reduce their ecological footprint. Asking the questions ‘What power do you think you have to make change?’ and ‘how do we change our strategic and planning decisions for the better’ the highly interactive event will challenge the audience to think creatively and – ‘flipping the script’ – see things from a different perspective. The Standard is unique in that it works to effect culture change, capturing all the impacts of an organisation (including carbon) as well as those of its supply chain and its customers. It is a key component of good governance and does not allow ‘greenwash’ in so far as it is independently, and externally, assessed and encourages continuous improvement.
Speakers/Panel Members:
Sophie Howe (The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales)
Andrea Lewis Joint Deputy Leader Swansea Council
Cabinet Member – Climate Change & Service Transformation
Paul Bridle (CEO Assessment Services)
Jaco Marais (Partner The Good Governance Institute)
Sebastian Wood MD Whitby Wood Engineering Consultancy

Chaired by David Thorpe (Founder/Director) and Virginia Schumacher Isaac (Associate Director) The One Planet Centre