How buildings will play a role in fighting climate change. The right decision today, means a better tomorrow.

It’s time for change. Our world is in a climate emergency, and we have a narrow window of opportunity to take control. Buildings and out-dated construction practices have contributed to this crisis, and we must quickly turn our new and existing buildings into climate emergency first-responders. Together we must bring an end to the building industry’s ‘business-as-usual’ approach. But what can replace it, and how?

In Northern Ireland, a brand-new passive house campus is pushing the boundaries of sustainable design and energy efficient building.

The New Erne Campus, part of the South West College’s portfolio is already celebrated internationally, with a series of record-breaking achievements. The campus is the largest building and the first educational building in the world to achieve Passive House Premium certification. It is also the first building in the UK to achieve both Passive House Premium and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) Outstanding accreditations.

Providing a living laboratory for students and industry to learn, experiment and develop new ideas and technologies, the Erne Campus represents an innovative demonstration of how to successfully construct an energy efficient and cost effective zero energy building with passive house principles and renewables. South West College with the Erne Campus as the host facility will become a centre of excellence for energy efficiency, offering passive house designer training and seminars

Bringing together a world class panel of experts on high performance construction, this event will showcase the Erne Campus, discuss tangible solutions for the climate emergency and uncover the future skills required to support a decade of innovation that will drive irreversible cultural change across the construction industry as it strives to meet its obligations on climate targets.