Glasgow Meets New Orleans, Africa and the World: Climate Change Impacts Culture, Music and All of Us

Glasgow and New Orleans are both Cultural hubs, meccas for Culture bearers from the worlds of Music, Art and Performance. This Partnership and Collaboration developed over the last several years between those from the Performance worlds in both cities, and academics and scientists focused on Climate Change and how devastating weather events affect the diverse peoples who are ALSO the Musicians, Artists and Performers and a Historian who links them as well as serves as an expert on the impact of Hurricanes on a cultural city.

These two port cities are also linked through the historical reality of colonialism and the slave trade, but the upside of this is a deeply rich and very present celebration of the coming together of diverse cultures through this Performance of Music and Spoken Word. We have chosen speakers and musicians from both Glasgow and New Orleans, both in person and pre-recorded, to create a rich one-hour spoken, visual and musical performance during this global event. Hurricane Ida only serves to underline the importance of this Collaboration.

Dr. Charles Chamberlain is a New Orleans Historian and the Curator of the permanent Exhibit on Hurricane Katrina. Dr. Vivian Norris is a Creatuve Industries expert working with many years in Cultural Festivals around the world. GABO is a Glasgow-based, Afro-Celtic group of musicians, including co-founder, Lene de Montaigu on balafon, who moved to Glasgow from New Orleans and met Ghanian balafon player/singer Soulay Puliman, as well as the members of the Glasgow-based, contemporary Jazz group, Amara. GABO includes students from the Glasgow School of Art, teachers from the University of Edinburgh, immigrants from the Global South… and so this journey, weaving together two cities and many cultures began…