Fixing finance from the ground up – making Indigenous voices count in the fight to stop deforestation

An event bringing together Indigenous communities, financial leaders, and policy makers to find solutions to the deforestation epidemic.

There is no end to the climate crisis without stopping tropical deforestation. Our forests are our key ally if we’re to keep to our climate goals. In 2020 the tropics lost 12.2 million hectares of forest cover. Of that 4.2 million hectares, an area the size of the Netherlands, occurred within humid tropical primary forests, which are hotspots for biodiversity, home to indigenous communities and vital in halting climate breakdown.

For many years Global Witness and Global Canopy have exposed the international demand for commodities – soy, beef, palm oil and timber – that are driving this destruction and the human and environmental abuses that go alongside it. The financial sector plays a key role in this global trade and must now work closely with the guardians for the forest who are Indigenous Peoples.

Our event will put policy makers, financial leaders, and Indigenous communities in one room, exploring the problem and coming up with solutions. What can policymakers do to address the accountability gap for finance on deforestation? How can responsible financiers benefit from tackling the problem? What do Indigenous Peoples need from financial institutions to protect their homes?

There is a growing global call to end the financing behind the abusive environmental and human rights practices in forest-risk commodities. By highlighting the crucial role Indigenous Peoples and local communities play in preserving forests, the event aims at creating a space for discussing solutions that would best protect the world’s forests and the people who depend on them.