Fear of the Green Planet

Fear of the Green Planet is a multimedia and participatory music project by Co-Founder of May Project Gardens and Artist KMT Freedom Teacher; permeating the whole-systems thinking that permaculture inspires. Launching the development of a new genre that advocates for solutions oriented social and climate justice.

This project is a full length album through the creation of new tracks, music videos and performances etc. Fear of the Green Planet is a multimedia art project consisting of (a) music tracks, (b) Presentations, (c) Participatory Live Performance, (d) Online Showreel performance, (e) Question and Answer and (f) Demonstrations. Inspired by 15 years of Grassroots Community Eco Solutions via May Project Gardens (Award Winning Community Hub) that reconnects people to Nature for Personal, Social, Economic Transformation and still operates from a council house in South London (which was self funded for 9 years).

Hip-Hop Garden (award-winning inner city youth programme) reconnects young people to nature via 5 key modules which includes wellbeing, employability and entrepreneurship. ‘Come We Grow’ events are an immersive celebration of our creative approach to environmentalism. Bee Rooted Consultancy’s approach to diversity and inclusion via training and consultancy is rooted in and supported by nature. D&I sessions are held at May Project Gardens, making use of the garden.

Moreover, nature is utilised as a lens through which to view diversity and inclusion in a seldomly appreciated way. Specifically, sessions are underpinned by a Permaculture design methodology which is based on whole-systems thinking and informed by ethics (caring for the earth, caring for people and equity). Permaculture principles 10: Use and value diversity and 11: Use edges and value the marginal are of particular relevance, demonstrating that diversity is implicit in healthy thriving ecosystems – as it should be in human communities.