Do What You Must – an immersive scenario session

Do What You Must uses immersive narrative and interactivity to introduce participants to climate risk considerations in an engaging way. It is a collaboration between critically- acclaimed digital studio Fast Familiar and neuroscientist Dr Kris De Meyer. The format – a blend of interactive discussion and digital ‘storytelling’ – is novel and engaging, and has resulted in articles in The Observer and New York Times.
A small group of participants take on the role of an advisory board to a North American ski conglomerate. Carefully crafted video ‘testimonies’ draw the audience into the scenario, equipping them with knowledge about the company – which, like all winter leisure providers, is severely affected by our changing climate. The participants review information and make decisions to safeguard the future of their fictional company. The activity’s bespoke control system alters the trajectory of the scenario in real time, in response to participant decisions. In a world full of uncertainty and competing values, how will they know the right thing to do?
Fast Familiar have created events in this format with partners as diverse as the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science, NESTA and Chatham House. Do What You Must is a unique opportunity to rehearse adaptation and resilience in the face of climate risk. It has been developed with Professor Neville Morley, from Exeter University.
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