Disability, Resilience and Inclusion in our Cities – inclusive design and community-led urban solutions for disability-inclusive climate resilience

This side event will set an agenda for the inclusive design of climate resilient cities.

Climate change and widening inequality driven by COVID-19 has highlighted the need to design cities that support and adapt to people’s diverse needs and are resilient in changing climates. More needs to be done to ensure persons with disabilities are not left behind in conversations on climate change. Why? 1 in 7 people on the planet are disabled and must be included as we prepare for rising tides and a warmer earth.

The Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) are bringing together a panel with unique expertise to discuss this challenge. Conversations will profile issues persons with disabilities currently face in low-resource urban areas and good practice on inclusion and sustainability. It will consider how inclusive design and innovation can advance climate resilience in cities and the rights of persons with disabilities.

Panellists include:

  • Iain McKinnon, Director of Inclusive Design, GDI Hub
  • Manoj Sharma, Chief of Urban Sector Group, ADB
  • Ibnu Sina, Mayor of Banjarmasin, Indonesia
  • Ahmad Rifai, Executive Director, Kota Kita Foundation
  • Asha Hans, gender, disability and climate change scholar

The panel will present cutting edge work by GDI Hub, ADB and international partners in Mongolia, India, Indonesia, and Sierra Leone.

The design and planning of urban built environments and infrastructure has a crucial role in achieving a more equitable and resilient future. Considering disability inclusion in the design of solutions will create opportunities for resilience and ensure marginalised groups are not left behind. Inclusive design must be sustainable, and sustainable design must be inclusive – for people and planet.

Join us to be part of the conversation.