Creating youth-led solutions: Sharing stories and insight with YMCA, film premiere and panel

Join one of the world’s largest youth organisations, YMCA, as it premieres its short film, commissioned exclusively for COP26, documenting the story of how young leaders on each continent are innovating local solutions to the climate crisis.

In 2019, YMCA launched the Youth-Led Solutions initiative, to mentor, train and support the development of young people’s solutions to issues of climate justice, employment and mental health.

In 2020, YMCA held its first Summit on climate action, subsequently funding 35 new youth-led initiatives around the world. This film premiere will highlight just some of their projects, the journey so far, and the work that young people are doing to be ambassadors for social change. Hear from young people installing vermicomposting and tackling electronic waste in Hawaii; see their work in Peru where addressing poor sanitisation and inorganic waste has led to addressing income inequity; witness a cross-cultural collaboration between young people in Albay, Philippines and Michigan, USA to train a new generation of eco-leaders; learn about community-led reforestation in the Western Balkan forests of Kosovo; watch as young people create micro-green spaces across Ramallah, Palestine; and discover how curriculum-based climate art projects are utilising up-cycled waste in schools in Zambia.

A panel discussion will follow the premiere featuring young leaders and guests from around the world. For more than 175 years, YMCA has convened young people in every corner of the world, today working with more than 60 million people, in 120 countries. In more recent years, young leaders have been working alongside YMCA, harnessing its global impact, to mobilise solutions to inequalities and injustices in communities everywhere.