Countdown to Planet Zero combating climate change with chemistry

Climate change is “code red for humanity”. We aim for ‘Net Zero’ but if the world continues at this pace, there will be no Planet left – Planet Zero.

A recent University of Bath global survey revealed, 60% of today’s youth feels overwhelmed by climate anxiety. Global temperature increases will result in the forced displacement of billions of people, global resource conflict and threaten humanity’s very way of life. This is not the world the Next Generation wants to inherit. They want to be heard. They want a better future. They want to be part of the solution.

This SCI forum provides a platform for the Next Generation of scientists and inventors who are actively developing scientific solutions, to showcase their work and its impact on climate change. It is an opportunity for those anxious about the climate crisis, to challenge these entrepreneurs. This conversation will raise the audience’s awareness of solutions being developed in the following areas:

  • Fuels of the Future
  • Turning Waste into Gold
  • Engineering Nature

Speakers and supporters will come from: Croda, Unilever, GSK, AstraZeneca, Sphera and others.

This Next Generation of scientists and inventors have the power to change our world’s tomorrow. Please do join us at this event.

Science is critical for everyday life and science-based companies must show leadership in the drive to Net Zero. Tackling climate change means managing carbon and this needs science, specifically chemistry. Without science being applied by industry, we cannot achieve this.

SCI is a place where science meets business – an innovation hub, which brings organisations together to collaboratively develop scientific solutions to address the societal challenges of today.

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