Corey Baker Dance Presents: Renewable Moves

Movement is fueled, and inspired, by renewable energy in this new dance experience from multi-award winning choreographer, filmmaker and director Corey Baker.

Renewable Moves harnesses the urgency of the moves we must all collectively make towards renewable energy. Embodied by world-class dancers, the message behind Renewable Moves is clear, simple and fun; an engaging and accessible event for audiences of all ages.

In addition to a live dance performance, Renewable Moves features a stunning dance film, filmed in the Scottish Highlands, that marries the beauty, mystery and majesty of the dancers, the landscape, and the engineering marvels of a wind farm.

Dancers (Live Performance): Emma Holt, Lauren Jenkins, Luke Hodkinson, Sam Reeves
Dancers (Film): Emma Holt, Lauren Jenkins, Luke Hodkinson, Sam Reeves, Jacob Wye, Jenna Anne Nathan, Ena Yamaguchi, Joey Barton, Harry Ondrak-Wright,
Beatboxer: Bigg Taj
Choreographer/Director: Corey Baker
Assistant Choreographer: Joey Barton
Dramaturge: Amy Baty
Stage Manager: Mickey Graham
Producer: Susan Hay
Education Officer: Hayley Earlam
Costumes and Styling: Pia Gloria
Film producers: Anne Beresford, Lindsey Douglas, Ali Ellam
Development Producer: Clare Lee Davis
Executive Producer: Tim Wood

With thanks to Creative Scotland, Arts Council England, Falck Renewables, Scottish Renewables, Achlain and Aberchalder Estates and MC Overalls.