Climate, in the Visceral Sense. An Ongoing Story in Three Acts

How does this moment feel? The last 18 months has taught us something: that over-intellectualizing crisis after crisis in our heads is very different to experiencing it for ourselves – to feel it hitting us in our hearts, in our real lives, in our collective consciousness.

This is not a time for analysis, for frameworks, for yet more theory; this is a time to dive into the emotions we are experiencing and to channel them toward creating actual change. We owe this to current and future generations. We invite you to join us for this experiential session, exploring the role creativity, design, storytelling and innovation have in facilitating emotional connections to the future. This is a COP event like no other!

Drawing on the stories of Welsh communities – we want to build on our collective narrative which binds us internationally.

“By telling our personal stories of challenges we have faced, choices we have made, and what we learned from the outcomes, we can inspire others and share our own wisdom. Because stories allow us to express our values not as abstract principles, but as lived experience, they have the power to move others.” – Marshall Ganz

An interactive session to reflect and share diverse narratives in our response to the challenges ahead. The session will include examples of performance art from Wales, multi-media videos, and the use of storytelling.

This is a personal, emotionally-resonant event on the last morning of the COP26 Summit that acts as both catalyst and convener of attendees in Glasgow, but more importantly, as a kick-off to rolling conversations that continue globally afterwards, pass from small community to small community, and small nation to small nation, building momentum and advocacy.
Delivered by Future Generations Commissioner for Wales in partnership with IDEO.