Films as agents for change: Be astounded by the full-dome film Climate Crimes and discuss with communication experts how best to inspire change

Getting the message across: How do we increase the effectiveness of climate
communications? How do we use film and video to engage audiences and inspire action? How do we motivate individuals, communities and broader society to make changes and take action to protect our planet?

If these questions are relevant to you please come and be a part of the discussion with our raft of communication and impact experts at the Planetarium, for film screenings and panel discussions.

EnviroFest International is running a series of dynamic events around climate
communications at the Planetarium featuring the award-winning, immersive, fulldome film Climate Crimes. This provocative film was created using climate data and statistics to bridge art and science as it seeks to uncover the complex relationship between global air pollution, climate change and human migration.

Using this extraordinary film as a launch pad, each showing will be followed by a panel discussion featuring experts in climate science, communications, community engagement, and impact campaigning as well as the film maker herself, Michaela French. We will discuss how we communicate the urgency and threat of climate change whilst empowering communities to engage with effective solutions, and consider how approaches may need to vary across different cultures and communities.

With so much expertise from around the world gathered at COP26, EnviroFest International seeks to involve attendees with diverse experiences in bridging climate issues and public understanding and engagement. We look forward to exploring these important issues so critical to effecting change, with an engaged and collaborative audience. Please join us for one of our events during COP26.

*Speaker line up will depend on allotted days *