Climate Change Catastrophe! A new show about climate change. Made by kids, for grown-ups

This new show will give you inspiring perspectives on one of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change. It’s all about what children think about climate change – their hopes, fears and ideas for the future.

Cap-a-Pie theatre company worked with hundreds of children from across the North of England as well as scientists and engineers at Newcastle University to make Climate Change Catastrophe! Everything you see in the show is directly inspired by the young people who helped to create it.

After the film, members of the team will be there to tell you more about making the show and answer any questions you have. The show will also be available to watch online until 19 November at www.cap-a-pie.co.uk/climate-change-catastrophe

Cap-a-Pie is a theatre company that inspires thinking and learning. We work with lots of different people and types of organisations to create touring theatre and community and education projects. Find out more at www.cap-a-pie.co.uk

Climate Change Catastrophe! was created by hundreds of Key Stage 2 children in collaboration with engineers from Newcastle University and a professional creative team – Hannah Goudie-Hunter & Liam Scarth (Performers), Kema Kay (Guest Rap), Brad McCormick (Director), Katie Doherty (Music), Verity Quinn (Design), Dan Saggars (Lighting Design) and Lindsay Duncanson (Film).