Citizens from the Global Assembly present their proposals

Join the people involved in the Global Citizens’ Assembly to find out more about how a snapshot of the world population is being brought together to learn and deliberate on the climate and ecological crisis.

Global Assembly team members, Susan Nakyung Lee, Claire Mellier and Rich Wilson, will be joined live by citizens from across the world, who are taking part in the Global Assembly process to deliberate on the question:
“How can humanity address the climate and ecological crisis in a fair and effective way?”

The event will introduce the citizens’ proposals developed during the deliberative process in the run up to Glasgow.

It will be an opportunity to bring the lived experience of those citizens to the heart of COP26.

You will meet cultural figures from across the world who are lending their support to the initiative, including Oscar winner Sir Mark Rylance.

You will also find out how communities across the world can run their own local Community Assemblies, and how a ‘cultural wave’ will bring the Global Assembly into the lives of citizens through art and culture. There will be plenty of opportunities for interactive exchanges between the audience and the speakers.

To find out more about the Global Assembly in advance of our Green Zone event, have a look at our website, follow us on social media, and join us on November 1st to hear directly from the citizens making this initiative a reality.