Be part of the solution: How research and innovation is tackling climate change

Talented people with bright ideas in the UK’s research and innovation system are coming together to drive a new green industrial revolution. This revolution is powered by collective expertise and the determination to achieve net zero carbon emissions, live more sustainably and ultimately tackle climate change.

The UK’s scientists, researchers and innovators, supported by UKRI investment, are creating new and exciting solutions to complex climate challenges. As well as technical solutions, their work provides robust, rigorous evidence to inform climate policy.

Did you know that hydrogen could power a plane, or that robots are inspecting wind turbines? Join us to discover how ideas are becoming reality to offer a more sustainable and certain future for us all.
In our 90-minute session, you’ll hear from scientists and innovators themselves.

  • Understand the role of science in identifying and understanding climate change and its impacts
  • Explore the latest in renewable energy, from the role of hydrogen to lighter wind turbine blades
  • We’ll be busting some of the myths around electric vehicles as well as considering flight and maritime innovation in our session on travel and transport
  • We will explore whether we will all be eating insects in the future
  • In food and packaging; will we all be eating insects in the future and how do we solve the problem of plastic?
  • Showcasing the diversity of talent including the work of women and young innovators and leaving you with some great ideas about how you can help to tackle climate change

Imagine a net zero world in 2050 world of possible solutions in our interactive and lively session. You will leave us knowing how to contribute to a brighter future by making everyday changes which help tackle climate change and its impact on our planet and people.