Arctic Drift – A climate research documentary on the most extensive scientific expedition to the Arctic in history – ‘MOSAiC’

If we don’t make immediate and sweeping efforts to combat climate warming, we’ll soon see ice-free Arctic summers, which will have incalculable repercussions for our own weather and climate. During the one-year MOSAiC expedition, led by the German Alfred Wegener Institute, hundreds of scientists from all over the world explored the epicentre of climate change on board a modern research icebreaker, RV Polarstern, which drifted with the ice through the Arctic Ocean.

The experts investigated the fate of sea ice and the coupled ocean and atmosphere system – for the first time near the North Pole during the polar winter and using modern instruments and sensors – to provide the first-ever comprehensive assessment of the region.

Scientists gathered terabytes of data on the sea ice, the atmosphere above, the ocean below, and the unique wildlife of the Arctic. They observed organisms in and underneath the ice – an ecosystem that eludes remote sensing. This unprecedented data will make it possible to represent more accurately complex interactions in the Arctic climate system.

Camera teams from UFA Show & Factual accompanied the international team of climate scientists for an entire year. The 90-minute documentary takes viewers on a breath-taking and vital expedition to the Arctic, where temperatures are rising at least twice as quickly as in the rest of the world. The MOSAiC expedition set out to substantially enhance our understanding of the Arctic Ocean and Earth’s climate.

The documentary is accompanied by a discussion session with climate scientists: Prof Antje Boetius and Prof Markus Rex (both Alfred Wegener Institute) and producer Phillip Grieß (UFA) will offer further insights into this extraordinary, year-long expedition and answer questions on the latest research findings and climate change.