All Together Now: Collaboration for Local Climate Action in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a post-conflict society with challenges which include: a lack of national Climate Legislation, a backlog in policy due to the three-year absence of the NI Assembly, shared resources across a European border and one third of the population living below the breadline, often in areas at most risk of being impacted by the climate crisis. Despite this, local authorities are supporting each other to develop climate action plans and improve governance, preparing for a collaborative, innovative and resilient future with best practice messages which are applicable across the UK and beyond.

This session will present practical examples of local and regional climate action from Northern Ireland, to explore:

  • How adaptation and resilience can be used as a catalyst for wider climate action and;
  • How regional networks can support action and the transfer of good practice between cities and regions on issues including adaptation and resilience, net zero cities, community engagement, finance and climate justice.

This session will be of interest to:

  • Adaptation Practitioners, network co-ordinators, and those involved in planning or organising climate action at a local, regional and national level.
  • UK and Republic of Ireland representatives seeking to know more about the NI context.
  • International stakeholders from regions and municipalities operating within greater than normal political tension and/or without national climate legislation.


  • Stephen Jones, Resilience Co-Ordinator, Climate Northern Ireland
  • Karen Smyth, Head of Policy and Governance, Northern Ireland Local Government Association
  • Cathy Burns, Climate Manager, Derry City and Strabane City Council
  • Richard McLernon, Project Co-ordinator, Climate Unit, Belfast City Council