Accelerating Electric Mobility with green jobs and gender parity

The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCC&I) will present a 90 minutes curated programme in the Panel Discussion at COP26 on “Accelerating Electric Mobility with green jobs and gender parity” featuring:

  • Kolkata’s success story on E- vehicles in public transport
  • Green Solutions for the city- Case study of New Town Rajarhat, satellite of Kolkata
  • Implementation of low price green vehicles- Job creation through electric rickshaws and toto rickshaws
  • Gender parity in e mobility
  • More inclusion of EVs in public transport- focusing on infrastructure
  • Financing of e-vehicles (including low price vehicles)

The Session will showcase possible journey to net zero in transport sector with an inclusive approach and creating opportunities of livelihood.

Success stories of E-Mobility in public transport (of Kolkata, India) and newer initiatives in its satellite city New Town, Rajarhat would be shared with possible models of scalability.

Case Stories of businesses’, in E-Mobility ecosystem, would be shared on introducing innovations, disrupting value chains, building partnerships, imparting skills and creating newer sets of opportunities in entrepreneurships and employments.
Offerings would be made on financial models including micro financing to enable the supply chain in the ecosystem which in turn will lead to livelihood generation.

The objective is to create an interactive session with audio visual demonstrations of real stories of achievements and pledges in E-Mobility.

The forum will also feature businesses of tomorrow across sectors committing to net zero with investments in technologies and products, carving out new markets and disruptions in business models.
Audience at the forum would also be involved in the proceedings with brainstorming among interest groups and voicing their thoughts on the concerned subject.