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Reaching agreement in the negotiations is our formal responsibility as the Presidency of COP26. Doing so will help deliver on our other three goals and show everyone that the world is moving to a resilient, net zero economy. 

Finalise the ‘Paris Rulebook’

A focus for the negotiations is finalising the rules needed to implement the Paris Agreement, called the ‘Paris Rulebook’. 

We must:

  1. Find a solution on carbon markets, by creating a robust system of carbon credits that supports the move to net zero.
  2. Resolve the issues of transparency, by putting in place a universal system that encourages all countries to keep to their commitments.
  3. Broker an agreement that drives ambition from governments over the coming years to keep 1.5 degrees alive.

The UN negotiations are consensus-based, and reaching agreement will depend on leaving no issue behind and making sure everyone’s voice is heard. 

Which is why we are working hard to remove barriers that prevent everyone from participating in COP26 and championing the voices of communities vulnerable to climate change, including indigenous peoples and communities grappling with the transition from high carbon activities.

Turn ambition into action

However, finalising the Paris Rulebook on its own will not deliver net zero. This decade is decisive and we need to turn ambition into action. 

Governments, business and civil society (sometimes called ‘non-state actors’) need to work together to transform the ways we power our homes and businesses, grow our food, develop infrastructure and move ourselves and goods around. 

This is why the UK COP26 Presidency is working with countries and partners including the UN High Level Champions on Climate Action to:

By committing to work together in this way we are laying the foundations for faster progress in the decade to come.

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