Urgently adapt to protect communities and natural habitats.

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People across the world are already living with devastating extreme weather heightened by the changing climate. 

Even as we work tirelessly to reduce emissions, further change is inevitable.

In responding to the key priorities of parties and civil society organisations, we are driving progress to close the adaptation gap and respond to climate impacts. Our Glasgow Adaptation Imperative, sets out action to date and progress that is required on the pathway to COP27 to build a climate resilient future for all.

Supporting those most vulnerable to climate change

We know that the most vulnerable are at the greatest risk from climate change, and that they have done the least to cause it. 

Action to address this and build resilience is needed now, before more people lose their lives or livelihoods.

The international community must unite and support people who are most vulnerable to the impacts of the changing climate.

Action on adaptation

We need more action to avert, minimise and address the loss and damage that is already occurring from climate change. 

  1. Plans and more finance need to be put in place to improve early warning systems, flood defences, and build resilient infrastructure and agriculture to avoid further loss of life, livelihoods and natural habitats. 
  1. Protecting and restoring habitats is a powerful way to boost resilience to the impacts of the changing climate. They help to build natural storm and flood defences, whilst flourishing ecosystems contribute to sustainable farming and support billions of lives worldwide.
  1. All countries should produce an Adaptation Communication’, which is a summary of what they are doing and planning to do to adapt to the impacts of the changing climate, challenges they face and where they need help. These plans will help us learn together and share best practice between countries.

The UK has co-developed the Adaptation Action Coalition, in partnership with Egypt, Bangladesh, Malawi, the Netherlands, Saint Lucia and the United Nations Development Programme. The coalition is bringing countries together to find solutions to some of the most challenging impacts of climate change, and we are inviting all countries to join us.

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