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COP President Concluding Media Statement

5 minute read

Alok Sharma addresses media as COP26 concludes.

I am very pleased to say that we now have in place the Glasgow Climate Pact, agreed amongst all the Parties here.

I am really pleased that this has been delivered. It is down to the hard work of the UK team; the hard work of all the Parties; the great cooperation that we have seen from all negotiators, and from all ministers; and right at the start of the summit, world leaders came out and set out what they wanted delivered out of this event.

I would say, however, that this is a fragile win. We have kept 1.5 alive. That was our overarching objective when we set off on this journey two years ago, taking on the role of the COP presidency-designate.

But I would still say that the pulse of 1.5 is weak. 

That is why, whilst we have reached, I do believe, a historic agreement. What this will be judged on, is not just the fact that countries have signed up, but on whether they meet and deliver on the commitments.

During our Presidency year, which started at the start of this summit, we will ensure that we work really closely to ensure that the commitments that have been set out are being delivered by countries.

And we will work in partnership with all of them.

Collectively we have got this over the line.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped with this.

But as I say, the hard work starts now.

Thank you.